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    New City, Same Result For Spanos And The Chargers (article from a blogger hack)

    I was at a bar for the saints game and when I arrived there was a guy on the microphone saying "thanks for those supporting the chargers and not being little bitches about them leaving," we
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    Tweets to share

    Chargers game plan belongs in the hall of shame. They had no idea what they were doing on both sides of the ball
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    How's Chaincrusher going to spin this?

    I thought there was no way chain crusher could spin this game, but I am amazed at the delusion. I hope you stick with your psychiatrist and you guys eventually figuring out the proper dosages for your schizophrenia. This game was over very quickly and Chargers got completely trashed. But...
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    AFSF Game Day Thread, Week 15

    knee was already down, and the defender lead with his head into River's head. It's a PI, 15 yards normally
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    The Big Gamble: Patrick Mahomes

    Yes, mahomes is a serious downgrade and you will see that if a ball was intercepted today then they would of lost and chaincrusher would of been right. If they same happened last week, chaincruayer would be right. Same goes for the previous week. Oh wait you're he's wrong and relies on...
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    Eggles Or Patsies? Who Are You Picking To Win?

    Wow the eagle pretenders won, where is that bozo chain to explain why he's wrong as usual
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    Championship Weekend

    Due to chargers curse I put money on the jaguars
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    Championship Weekend

    Damn that Josh Lambo guy sucks, luckily chargers canned him Please tell me almighty chaincrusher what a great decision that was , oh wise advisor and friend of the realm. These pretender jaguars are complete trash
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    Game Day - Rayders At Chargers / Or Is It Chargers At Rayders?

    Chiefs was not a choke el oh el
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    It's not a GameDay thread Thread

    I was waiting for the Chargers to implode.... 3 turnovers in last 3 or 4 possessions? The implosions begins
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    Chargers at Patriots Game Day Thread

    Same old Chargers ;-)
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    Post Your Best Memories of the SAN DIEGO Chargers

    I recall playing the undefeated Colts with some dude that's pretty good called Peyton, I believe they were 7 or 8-0 and Merriman was having a good season. The first snap for the Colts I swear it seemed like Merriman lined up 2 feet on the Colts side because he sacked Peyton before he dropped...
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    BoltTalk Podcast - "No LA Love"

    Hey guys, it was really nice to hear from you two again. I didn't think I would anymore. I was surprised how many sentiments I shared with you. I view the team not as a Homer anymore, I am hardly keeping up with the NFL, busy doing other stuff often on Sunday. Im enjoying catching glimpses of...
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    Discussion among LA Charger fans

    Correction, probably 0 -8
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    Discussion among LA Charger fans

    I don't see where the big improvement on the offensive line is, which will be the death of Rivers. I doubt Keenan Allen will finish this season either, not taking him in fantasy. If you take a look at the schedule, in all honesty I could see them starting 2-6 maybe 1-7. Won't be losing sleep...
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    How to Kill a Fan(base) - Death of a Love Story

    I share your sentiment, I may watch some of the games out of curiosity and habit. But the passion is gone. I looked ahead at the schedule and it looks like it's going to be a long season but I am not filled with hope or worry, just whatever.
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    So this is the end...

    I am sad to hear that, I never got out to meet you guys, but was always listening to the podcasts and I really enjoyed them. Just kind of deflated and left feeling angry at Dean and the NFL construct as a whole
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    Chargers to play in Stub Hub Center 2017-2018

    I have been to LA Galaxy games there...It's cute but very underwhelming. I have been over this whole thing, but have to say I'm sad they're gonna leave, I'll get over it
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    Kevin Acee: McCoy must go

    Show me where whisenhunt was successful as an HC... I'd rather get a legit HC to push this team over the edge, but it won't happen.
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    2017 Head Coach Candidates

    Rumbling of McCarthy getting cut in Green Bay....yes pls