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  1. nickelbolt

    2013 Free Agents - Dare to Dream

    #1 Priority: Offensive Line upgrade: ?? #2 Priority: Secondary upgrade (specifically CB): I'll start with not re- signing Jammer... But replacing him with Darrelle Revis. Hey... It's a Dare to Dream thread. Give it your best shot.
  2. nickelbolt

    Vincent Jackson joins the Quitters Circle This is akin to Cro's quitting in the playoff game vs. the Jets. Norv would be best served to bench this guy and save some face in that locker room. VJ's teammates know what he...
  3. nickelbolt

    Rip's Big B.O.N.E.R... Charlie Whitehurst to Start this Week

    Yes. It's true. Charlie will start... and Rip is surfin' this thread with only one hand right now. :lol:
  4. nickelbolt

    Over/Under on # of bad snaps this week/Chargers sign ANOTHER long snapper

    Chargers sign Neill I'm saying this guy tosses at least two bad ones on FG and one on Punt (Scifres will make him look good though)
  5. nickelbolt

    Has VJ gotten a DUI in the District of Columbia/Buck says it's VJ to Ratskins

    Maybe he'll get his chance: :nana_rasta:
  6. nickelbolt

    This is Philip Rivers' team

    All contract dispute BS aside... this team will win because Philip Rivers is at the helm. He won as a first year starter with average wideouts. He's the toughest QB in the league and everyone will fall in line accordingly. Anyone who doesn't will be left behind. :bolt:
  7. nickelbolt

    Pay Your Respects: Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010)

    The Rock Goblin has passed. Fall to your knees and rock. You owe him that. And yes, this is relevant to football because countless NFL players have done the pre-game rock ritual to this man's music.
  8. nickelbolt

    Norv Turner on Dan Patrick Show Friday 11/13

    Tune in... It'll be archived too... so B4L can listen to it over... and over... and over... :lol:
  9. nickelbolt

    Week 4: Chargers v Steelers News

    Enough with last week's game... on to the Steelers. Post the news here: Mendenhall, Sweed on shaky ground. Fast Willie has turf toe.
  10. nickelbolt

    Chiefs trade Tyler Thigpen to Miami... Damn... there's goes my thought that maybe we could have given them Whitehurst for some help at RB or DL. Damn you AJ!!
  11. nickelbolt

    Sirius NFL Radio: Live at Chargers TC (RIGHT NOW)

    Tune in if you can: Pat Kirwin & Jim Miller are at camp talking to the team. Rivers will be on later. :bolt:
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    That is all.
  13. nickelbolt

    "LT Clearly Has Lost a Step"

    Tomlinson clearly has lost a step Sporting News Posted: March 2, 2009 Let's step away from free agency for a moment and take a critical look at the Chargers' LaDainian Tomlinson, a running back whose place in history has been secured but whose status with his team has become a serious...
  14. nickelbolt

    Rob Chudzinski Comes Back as TEs/Asst HC

    Suck on this you AJ/Norv hatin' a.ssbags: (Brilliant move by AJ and Norv) Chargers hire assistant head coach to complete their staff By Kevin Acee Monday January 26, 2009 Rob Chudzinski is coming back -- and he has some added responsibility. The Chargers' tight ends coach in 2005...
  15. nickelbolt

    Merriman Speaks: Stop the Public Debate

    I like his choice of words.... (but the big galoot probably doesn't understand what he's actually done) :lol: Tomlinson-Smith public saga must stop now, Merriman says Sunday, January 25, 2009 Quietly, some Chargers players have expressed indignation in recent days over the LaDainian...
  16. nickelbolt


    WOW... Sirius just reported it. WOW WOW WOW
  17. nickelbolt

    Manning MVP by a huge margin...

    Take notice Mr. December... the sportswriters don't think you did anything special this year. Take that MVP and shove it straight up his ass tomorrow night.
  18. nickelbolt

    ManGenius FIRED! Brett took him down with the ship!
  19. nickelbolt

    Uh Oh... Rivers Delivers/Cutler Sucks

    Now... who's the MVP? :icon_shrug: (chime in any time there Clowny Royale)
  20. nickelbolt

    Chiefs GM Peterson Resigns

    Per Sirius NFL Network just a couple minutes ago. There was a link on the KC Star website but it ain't working right now.