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    If anyone cares, Lynn hired as the new HC

    per Anthony Lynn hired as San Diego's new head coach.
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    I will miss all of you....

    I have been scrolling through all of the new threads, and all of the comments regarding the news that broke today. I wanted to first off wanted to let all of you know that I am truly sorry that you have to go through this. I know that it is much easier for guys like me who live across the...
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    There is still a lot to be excited about with this team

    Truth is our defense is playing at a pretty high level with the same problems as our offense has. Think about the last 2 weeks. Our defense has held Demarco Murray and a red hot Ajayi in check. Meanwhile doing this without Brown or Perryman in the middle. We have no Verrett, Flowers is going...
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    Cooper waived by Pats

    I just read on front page that the patriots waived Jonathan Cooper. Any interest?
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    Chargers part ways with Reich

    I just read on my app that the Chargers have parted ways with OC -Frank Reich.
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    Studs and Duds Squeelers/ Bolts

    Let's hear em.
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    Liuget extended

    Sportscenter app just reported the Chargers locked up Liuget 5yrs/50+million.
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    Dean Spanos

    I just read on the app, that Dean Spanos is relinquishing day to day operations to his sons.
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    Shane Ray

    Just read on that Shane Ray was cited for pot possession. These guys just can't let go of that stuff until the process is over. Crazy.
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    Suh going to be a Dolphin. Just read that Suh is set to ink $114 million deal with the Miami Dolphins.
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    I want to use this thread to discuss players who helped/ hurt themselves during the combine. Also talk about players you think could help/hurt themselves during their pro day's.
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    Chargers will pick 18th overall.

    Per my sportscenter app for ESPN. The Chargers will pick 18th overall in the 2015 NFL draft. Lets hear who, or what positions you think we need to address with this pick.
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    Manti Te'o injured again

    I just read on my NFL mobile app that Manti Te'o has a foot injury on the opposite foot he injured last year. Not good, as he did improve at the tail end of last season.
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    Absolutely embarrassing.

    I just read on that Andy Dalton signed a 6 year $115 million dollar contract. And the Bengals wonder why they haven't won a playoff game in like 20 years.
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    Chiefs release Brandon Flowers. Wish we had some cap space.
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    Aldon Darby S Arizona St Colton Underwood DE Washington Tenney Palepoi DT Utah Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe DT Boise St
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    Returning to school....

    1. Cameron Erving- LT/FSU 2. Rashad Greene- WR/FSU 3. Tre Jackson- G/FSU 4. Nick O'Leary- TE/FSU 5. Karlos Williams- RB/FSU 6. Josue Matias- G/FSU
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    Leaving Early.....

    Let's use this thread to list names of those that are declaring early for the draft.
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    Dolphins sign OT Clabo

    Just read on ESPN that the Dolphins just inked Clabo. :tdown:
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    Justin Blackmon banned 4 games Justin Blackmon's latest violation of the NFL's substance-abuse policy will cost him money -- maybe lots of it. The league suspended Blackmon on Tuesday for the first four games of the 2013...