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  • Thanks for the rep. I hope Showtime does a better job with "Inside The NFL" than HBO did towards the end. Dumping Costas is a good start.
    Kev is actually walking again! I never thought I would hear or read that. That was a scary moment and within that stadium you could hear a pin drop. Sadly, the team either cut him or did not resign him, but would not matter as he cannot play another down again. At least he can move and walk, which is priceless.

    Lynch, what were you thinking!?!?! It has already been the top story and so far nobody on the team is saying anything to the media. I torn because we need him, but on the other hand I do not want him to get away with it because he has that celebrity status working.
    I'm bummin' about that hit and run thing. That could be bad. One thing for sure though - nothing "The Law" can do to him is as bad as Mama Lynch has probably already done. :lol:

    Hey, what's the latest on Kevin Everett?
    I hope the Bills do GREAT this year. LOVED seeing Marshawn do so well.
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