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    OK...this is GallopingGhost's wife. I have been to Balbriggan, a couple of times actually. My sister lived there for a while. Went to John D's with Maria, Sean and Bernie Downes almost every night! We are also very good friends with the Kiernan's...Jenny is like my Irish sister...she lives here in Arizona now. My sister Cheryl was with Mark Casey and lived over there with him for a while.... She's now married and lives right down the street! I'm sure you know them!

    What a small world this is!
    Traci (Sarkisian) McCartney
    thanks. great to hear from you. let me know if you are ever visiting. theres a small group of chargers fans over here. myself and dublinbolt have been supporting them for over 20 yrs. do you live in san diego yourself?
    Hey Paddy, always wanted to visit Ireland, maybe someday. Just wanted to say it's so cool that you are a Chargers fan!
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