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    2013 Charger awards

    Nice Shmackle Tackle!!
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    "leisure Las Vegas" week SEVENTEEN!!!

    I miss leisure. I think he's dead though. The guy spent a lot time in the sun, but it was probably an infection, from all of the brazilian waxes, that killed him.
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    Gaither given a "clean slate" by McCoy?

    A la Josh McDaniels. Although that one eventually worked out... kinda. :) But yeah. The guy is wise to say "sure... come on back! We want ya'!" If Gaither responds for a while we're buying some time. But in all likelihood that lazy SOB is gonna fade away.
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    Full of Whizentment

    If Rivers can't handle it hopefully they find a QB who can. People don't give Kurt Warner enough credit. The guy was an amazing talent.
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    Jake Long wants at least $10 million annually

    Sure. RT I'm fine with. I was just keeping this to a Jake Long (LT) discussion.
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    Jake Long wants at least $10 million annually

    Yep. No need to reach on an aging vet in decline when the next 7-10 yr LT is likely to be there @ 11 or even in the 2nd round. The Chargers got some good years out of McNeill. If Telesco stays true to his word there won't be much in the way of big name FA's coming in.
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    Official 2013 coach hirings thread.

    Let's hope so. Sounds a lot better than just aiming to make the playoffs.
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    Official 2013 coach hirings thread.

    Pretty sure Roman can interview following Sundays game... Because of the two week gap prior to the SB.
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    Team building...... stupid.

    Everyone together now... "koom-bye-yah... mah loard... koom-bye-yahhhhh..."
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    Team building...... stupid.

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    Telesco's past bodes well for Chargers future

    I don't get it either. He was probably on radar but maybe he never pushed for a HC gig. Maybe this year he got a taste and liked it. Who the hell knows. All I know is that we can have some kind of cohesiveness between the guys coaching the players and the guys picking the players we are at...
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    Official 2013 coach hirings thread.

    Wasn't Arians put into the interim HC role about 4 weeks in? So that, to me, is still "mid-season"... anyways... Who knows why Arians has never been a HC before. Maybe he never really pushed for that opportunity? Maybe timing is everything. We'll see.
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    Official 2013 coach hirings thread.

    Re: 2012... So you didn't see a guy step in as HC mid-season and lead a team that had 60% roster turnover to a playoff berth following a 2 win season? He was also in his first year with this team. Could be a fluke. But if you also consider the QBs he's worked with and been successful with...
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    Official 2013 coach hirings thread.

    What makes the most sense is that Telesco chooses someone he's confident can lead, coach, and work together with him to put a winning product on the field. That puts Arians at the top of the list. Doesn't it? The Chargers will interview just enough candidates to rule out any questions that...