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    Feeling for my Charger Fan brothers

    Even I'll make a trip across the Pacific for that! :P
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    So this is the end...

    Aussie represent.
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    Who's still a Chargers fan?

    I'll be keeping my gear and still wearing it - I'll always wear it for San Diego pride.
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    Who's still a Chargers fan?

    Nope as well ^^
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    BoltTalk Podcast #362 - 01/12/16

    Thanks guys for having me on. Made my ride home on the train quite enjoyable. Funny that I wasn't the only Aussie on the show! That has to be a first :P
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    So this is the end...

    If anyone wants to stay in touch with an Aussie, especially as I try and get to the USA every year and wouldn't mind having some drinks with you fine folk if I'm ever in the same city, I'm all for it. My skype is: d.winderlich Text or voice, I'm cool. I'll miss everyone here. It's been a fun ride.
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    So this is the end...

    I'll never forget the fun times meeting people from these forums in 2012 at that shitty Broncos MNF game. The tailgate before the game was one of the best fun I've had travelling. I even made lifelong friends from Canada also tailgating. Thank you for this site and podcast.
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    Week 1 heart breaker, Studs and Duds

    I have to agree with the Gates sentiment. He looked slow and he had too many dropped passes. I'm thinking Green should be used more often. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    Nonsense and Non Sequiturs

    Will be an interesting test to start the season, especially for our secondary. Can't believe it's football season already. Looking forward to seeing what this team can do!
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    Nonsense and Non Sequiturs

    Won't be making it to SD this season, but definitely going to come for 2 weeks or so in 2015 and try and catch 2-3 games at the Q. It's been far too long since I've seen football at the Q.
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    NFL 2014 Schedule Release: Wed 4/23 @ 5pm PT /8pm ET

    So if I don't get this DC job and move to the USA in July, I'm thinking of a 2.5 week holiday in San Diego and catch a couple of games :) Would be Jets and KC in October.
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    Chargers open on Monday night vs. Cardinals

    I've applied for an Australian Embassy job in Washington DC, will find out more over the next few weeks or so. If I get the job I'll be in the USA working by July or so. If that's the case, I'll be at the Ravens game :)
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    I feel great about this team going forward. Regardless of Sundays result

    I grew up with Aussie Rules Football in Melbourne, lived it for so long, cricket too. Never got in to rugby because Melbourne just wasn't a rugby city until they got their own team. The time I got introduced to rugby, I just hated the way it played and the fans who supported it. As I grew older...
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    I feel great about this team going forward. Regardless of Sundays result

    I'm Aussie and absolutely -hate- rugby, cricket, aussie rules. LOVE football (NFL) and hockey. I wish I could go to a playoff game for the Chargers. Will be back later this year or 2015 for sure!
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    Who Would You Rather Meet in a Possible AFC Championship Game?

    This :D Voted! It just feels like one of those years!