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    Off to Boston tomorrow, can we do it?

    Yes. Really! I’m tired of every single thread that gets posted on here turning into the same old thing. It starts with a topic, and turns to 90% of people just bitching about the same exact things in every thread! We get it, the majority of you are pissed, hurt, feel betrayed and any other...
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    Off to Boston tomorrow, can we do it?

    Have fun good sir!
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    Off to Boston tomorrow, can we do it?

    If you don’t care why the hell do you come on here and post on a Chargers forum? The man is on vacation and watching the team HE chooses to watch. Just because your sour at the ownership, and team and choose to piss, moan, cry and complain about it, doesn’t mean you need to ruin his time by...
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    Chargers vs. Broncos Game Day Thread

    True Charger fans? You are no longer a “fan” remember?
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    Fire Anthony “McCoy” Lynn!!

    Lmao thats like going from worse to worst? The Padres suck too.
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    Why because they realize that the same people complaining and crying that they left are the same people that do not show up for games or sell tickets to the other teams fans? Hardly their fault.
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    Top Pick Already Hurt

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    Top Pick Already Hurt

    Give it a rest guys. Get back on topic, or I am going to lock the thread.
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    just football questions

    Marion Butts was fun to watch. Those Butts vs Okoye games watching them run over everyone was enjoyable.
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    official UDFA thread

    Scott will only make it if we have massive injuries at WR like last year. He isn't a great route runner, slower than molasses, has little short area quickness, and can get 0 separation on vertical routes. He doesn't, have the height or physical presence to out muscle or maneuver someone for...
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    didnt want to crowd the main draft thread

    The good news is if we don't get an upgrade at safety this year we will be in the running to get Derwin James next year.
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    Who's Your Guy At #7?

    Lol ya this pick for the Chargers is about 90% of the mock draft population right now. I honestly don't think we will take Hooker. He has a small sample size, and lack of experience usually means big learning curve in the NFL. Not sure we can wait that long for him to develop. I would...
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    Philip Rivers on Chargers adding young QB: 'I'm not going to be here forever'

    Their stadium only seats 30k. I am pretty sure they will be just fine on fans for the next few seasons.
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    official combine thread

    It's always a big problem with a RB these days if they have to rely on "trucking" in the NFL. If that is the case most likely his shelf life in the league will be short.
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    Pats or Falcons

    Falcons by 10+