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    What New Team Should I Support

    I will support and root for Rivers for the next couple years. After that I wont have a football team. I cant just pick a team and act like I love them as I did my SD Chargers.
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    So this is the end...

    Thanks for the awesome podcast, and thanks for the awesome website. Going to miss being excited to hop on here in the eve of football season
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    Official Game Day Thread - Bux vs. Bolts!!!

    anyone got a simple list of all the teams we need to root against today (help us for wild card)
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    Official Game Day Thread - Bolts @ Texsuns!

    seems like a really dumb rule that even though Texans got called for that penalty on that last punt, they still drained all that time off the clock. So why dont teams just purposely run an illegal play to get twice the time taken off the clock in those situations?
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    2017 Head Coach Candidates

    I had so much hate for McDaniels when he was in Denver, please don't come to SD....many OC's would look good if they had Thomas Brady as a QB.
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    Good Bad Ugly - Chargers Shock the Falcons

    How many more TD's does he need for the record?
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    Official Bolts @ Bronkos Thread!!!

    we got Flowers today!
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    Official Bolts @ Bronkos Thread!!!

    now thats a tough say Henry but usually I'm wrong
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    Official Bolts @ Bronkos Thread!!!

    big time game today, we need to stop the run at all costs. make siemian win this BOLTUP!
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    Denver week!

    Running back C.J. Anderson is currently getting a second medical opinion on a right knee injury, sources told 9NEWS. Anderson suffered during the game Monday night against the Houston Texans. There is hope the injury could be minor in nature, although it’s also possible he could miss an...
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    Game Day - Chargers @ ATL

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    Game Day - Chargers @ ATL

    Ive been training for this day
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    Game Day - Chargers @ ATL

    To make things interesting, I will take a drink for every draw play during todays game:sick:
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    You call it: what new and exciting way will the Chargers lose this week?

    Icing on the cake will be just like 2006, INT for the win only to be fumbled....because last week I screamed "can it get any worse!?" yes, yes it will
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    Chargers vs. Gayders!

    Watching the Chargers this year is like winning a lot of money on a scratcher then finding out its fake. Wonder how my heart will get ripped from my chest this sunday. RIP liver