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Dublin Bolt
Last Activity:
Nov 12, 2018 at 3:57 AM
Aug 12, 2006
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Apr 24, 1970 (Age: 48)
Dublin, Oul Sod.

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Dublin Bolt

BoltTalker, 48, from Dublin, Oul Sod.

Dublin Bolt was last seen:
Nov 12, 2018 at 3:57 AM
    1. Concudan
      Best of luck on the job hunt. I think the whole bloody world is f'ed right now economically... Times like this usually lead to a world broohaha....
    2. Concudan
      Hey how are things in the mother-land?
    3. Concudan
      Merry Christmas my friend!
    4. rexy2006
      Please see the Thanksgiving thread in the Lounge. I am curious...
    5. ChargersHooligan_22
      do you all have a particular game in mind you want to see? cause man we have some good games comming to town..
    6. ChargersHooligan_22
      its travis from san diego. i had a few pints with you and your friends at the green man pub just around the way from wembly before the chargers game a few months back.
    7. ChargersHooligan_22
      hey damian! how ya living buddy?
    8. rexy2006
      The one on your profile is your profile picture. The other one is your avatar. The text is the same for both. I hope you and your wife are doing well. Too bad the season ended already. You are welcome for the photos. Laters!
    9. rexy2006
      Hi Damian! How are ya doing??? Your avatar on this page is not you and a punter. I think that is you and Quentin Jammer! Great photo! Take care.
    10. Woodenshoe
      Did you ever tried
      www streamtvnow tv ?
      It will cost just a little.
    11. Woodenshoe
      How does things work,with that Bolts cash ?
    12. Woodenshoe
      Watching the early game here. Boy, Kurt Warner looks old. How the hell can Leinart not beat him out for chrissakes!?. Hate seeing my money riding Warner.

      Be a little nice to my favorite QB,as he played for the Amsterdam Admirals.

      Good morning BTW.
    13. BOLTS4LIFE
      Gift from "YELLING PRODUCTS!!!"

    14. London Bolt
      London Bolt
      Hey Dublin Bolt,

      Give me a shout if you are coming to London and can you forward this quick message to the relevant page as only just hooked to to the Forum...thanks!

      Hey Everyone,

      Just a quick message from London to any Bolts faithful making the trip next week. If any of you need help and advice whilst in town, then I will be happy to assist if I can. Just shoot me a message and we can exchange cell numbers. Please let me know if anyone has organised meeting up before the game. Also a big "Hey" to anyone I met at the Jets MNF Tailgate and those of us who made the trip to Denver....best forgotten!

      Wembley is the "Chargers House"!

      Go bolts

      Gary (London Bolt)
    15. BoltsFanUK
      Yeah- Chargers Live on SS for 3rd week in a row
    16. ghost_
      hey guys and gals just wanted to sup and hope ur all doing well just wanted to know if any of u have PS# if so could u ad me as a freind just got Maddern 09:yes: hipertec2_2 is my screen name thanx
    17. Osmekaman
      Quality shirt man!
      Is that one of your old ones?!!

      Why don't you start a Social Group of dudes going to London? You seem to be point man.
    18. Thumper
      Wish I could meet you for the London game, but it's not going to happen this season. I'll be out your way again one day. Let me know if you ever get out to California.
    19. Chispa
      OMG!!! What a darling baby!!!
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    Apr 24, 1970 (Age: 48)
    Dublin, Oul Sod.
    Charger Fan Since: