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  1. cranberry

    The holdout begins

    Thanks to Concudan. This is news to me. Chargers should agree to one side "money deferral" or "offset language" and sign Bosa at once.
  2. cranberry

    Official Playoff Game Day Thread: Chargers @ Bengals - 12/5

    That's my opinion, too. Didn't expect to go to the Playoffs when Succop started the Fieldgoal -- and now we're heading to Denver fot the Divisional championship ! Im so happy with all my SD> sisters and brothers ! Happy 2014 from Germany!
  3. cranberry

    GAME BALLS; Chargers vs. Bengals PLAY OFF WIN!

    The defense as a group!
  4. cranberry

    Official Game Day Thread: Chiefs @ Chargers - 12/29

    You lucky one - to be there.
  5. cranberry

    Im thinking

    Vaughn Martin can play NT, but Antonio Garay has at least one season in the tank.
  6. cranberry

    2012 Schedule & playing against "Ex-Chargers"

    Yeah -nest season will get interesting to see old friends and heavy competitors. Beneath AFC West I like the NFC south and AFC south very much, because there are a lot of teams who didn't win SBs. Every game this season will be a fight for the playoffs again. Losing against teams I like is...
  7. cranberry

    Peyton to Denver

    THat's just what I think. It's Elway's gamble, he didn't like Tebow. To get rid of him in times of Tebowmania he had to get a greater mania = Manning and Family. THink outdoor play in Denver is a bit more difficult than in INdy. WE have a strong schedule at all next year, so what? Better the...
  8. cranberry

    Goodell lowers boom on Saints

    Thanks that just the question, NO ist not a major team, would the Giants, Pats or Steelers punished the same way ?
  9. cranberry

    McMichael Returns

    I like having the same TE-corps than last year. Antonio Gates will have one - three good years, but is in decline. A new guy would have tried toget into the competition. McMichael and Sperry won't do that; theywill fill the spot beneath Gates as teammates. Hope everyone stays healthy, that's the...
  10. cranberry

    Chargers Sign SS Atari Bigby to two year deal

    Don't think Atari will ever be a starter for the Chargers, but he's young enough for a comeback after injuries.
  11. cranberry

    2012 Schedule

    with this shedule AJ and Norv will get fired next year. Good for a new coach for starting with easier games in 2013 !
  12. cranberry

    Chargers announce both AJ Smith and Norv Turner are returning

    It's the team, DB - not the millionaires on the top we are eager to see. Just can't flip to another team. I like what Brees does in NO and Michael Turner in Atlanta, even Detroit sound good after some years (because my father was worker at a GM factory) but I can't stop bleeding for SD>Chargers...
  13. cranberry

    Forbes: Spanos Among NFL's Best

    Dean Spanos has a lot to do to stay at this level. I wish him well
  14. cranberry

    Season is over!!!

    Thanks concudan. Of course the bolttalk followers will get the notice, when I take my fourth trip to USA (1989,1996 incl at the Q - but no gameday and 2007 to see Bolts win in cold KC) I wanna see the blue ridge mountains, hear some modern bluegrass in Tennesse and go swimming in La Jolla.