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    This guy is out of his ******* mind. Don't bother arguing with him, he'll only put words in your mouth and convince himself that he was the one who was right all along.

    Then he'll dissapear for long stretches, and reapear as soon as his team wins another game.

    Trust me, block TwatTrap for your own sanitity.
    Sorry, had to put you on ignore. The mind numbing stupidity of every word you write combined with your unwillingness to listen to other opinions makes you a waste of my time. You are clearly a younger fan who is yet to recognize the rollercoaster that is a full NFL season and how quickly things can change, it's something only time can teach you.

    Your Chiefs may well win this division thanks to the hole the Chargers dug themselves, and your weak *** 4th place schedule, but some day your going to realize how stupid you were yapping your big trap foolishly only halfway through a season.
    Someone tell this kids mother he needs to get off the computer. Its a school night.
    Thanks man. I like it here. Charger Fans are usually much easier to get along with than Raider or Donkey fans...on the forums and at the stadiums lol
    Welcome to the forum. It is cool when a fan of another team comes in to talk football, and not troll or fight.
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